Conquer online private server

gowtherconquer classic private server.

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What is GowtherConquer?

GowtherConquer TQLike 2.0 is a private server based on the classic dating from the years 2008 onwards, bringing everything old like the old school and remembering unforgettable times.

Conquer Online

Pole Domination

Different custom hourly events made for entertaining players.

Event Bosses

different types of bosses

Events PK

Full Qualifier system including the Arena, TeamArena, CTF, ElitePK, TeamPK, SkillTeamPK.

Daily events with prizes

We bring new and daily events for everyone.


Area events with new prizes that you can redeem.

Old interface

old interface like all veteran players.

Conquer Online

GowtherConquer is an un-official private server of the conquer online game and is not related to the official game in any method.

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